Coaching & Consultations
Who comes for coaching or consultations, and why?
People who want to explore new possibilities and clarify intentions. People who feel stuck. People who feel overwhelmed. People who want to create change. People who want to create stability. People who feel they have limited options. People who feel they have too many options. People who want to find their place within the system. People who want to find their place outside of the system. And of course, anything in between. In general, coaching and consultations offer guidance and support to people who want help identifying, honoring, and enhancing their natural way of thinking, learning, doing, and being, in order to grow and flourish, gently (or intensely... whatever suits you best). 
How does it work?
Rather than suggesting and imposing ‘solutions’ to your ‘problems’ based on typical ideas of success and failure, my job is to help you discover, identify, and enhance the path that best suits your (sometimes hidden) goals, passions, interests, and strengths. This is done through dialogue, as well as through various tools that get at the heart of the matter in less verbal ways. The result is a clearer sense of where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’d like to be in the future, along with ideas and tools for moving forward in ways that best suit your style, circumstance, pace, and intentions. 
For example
Personal Profile: Sessions can focus on helping you identify, enhance, and integrate your most effective ways of learning, thinking, doing, creating, and processing. Assessments include discussion, puzzles, inventories, etc. 
The Big Picture: Sessions can focus on uncovering and identifying fears, frustrations, preferences, dreams, possibilities, etc., and exploring new ways to promote balance and growth in personal and professional areas. 
The Details: Sessions can focus on specific skills such as organization, prioritizing, time-management, promotion, marketing, computer skills, etc. These are all designed to suit each individual, rather than imposing standard ideas of what it means to ‘get it together.’
What’s the difference between coaching & consultation?
Frequency: While consultations can take place on a one-time or intermittent basis, coaching is designed as an on-going, regularly scheduled process. Every client knows (or comes to know) which of these suits their needs and circumstance. Pace & Guidance: Consultations tend to focus on framing the situation and identifying options and directions, which the client then applies in their own way, at their own pace. Coaching, on the other hand, helps the client narrow the focus down at each session, building towards the larger goals over time. Location: Most coaching takes place at the Mindful Learning Solutions studio, while consultations can take place ‘on location’ at schools, businesses, home environments, etc. These can include home or office visits to help (re)design your environment to better suit your needs.
How do we get started?
We start with a 2-hour orientation session. You don’t need to bring anything, or even have a clear sense about what you’re seeking; we’ll figure that out when we meet. At the end of the session, we will discuss how you want to proceed -- with occasional consultations, or regular coaching sessions. Or you may find that the orientation session gives you enough ideas to move forward on your own for the time being.
Live on-line sessions (or phone sessions)
For clients who cannot come to sessions at the studio, or who live out of town, phone sessions or on-line sessions are available. While phone sessions work fine, meeting online in a ‘virtual meeting space’ has many advantages. With minimal technical requirements (a computer with a built in microphone, an audio output jack and a headset), we can hear each other, see each other (if you have a built-in camera, and if we choose to use the video options), share documents, images, presentations, use a shared whiteboard where we can draw mind-maps, use imagery to support the discussions, etc. We can also take notes and save or print notes for future shared use. 
How much does this cost?
The 2-hour orientation session fee is $175. For some clients, the outcome of this initial session is enough to get them going on their own for some time.
Intermittent follow-up consultations are $75 an hour. 
A series of coaching sessions is $360 for 6 sessions, to be scheduled within a 2 month period. (On-going, regularly scheduled sessions beyond the initial six will be discounted to the same $60/session fee, rather than the intermittent $75/session fee).
On-location visits vary, depending on the situation. 
Financial options: Alternate arrangements can be discussed if needed.
A glimpse of possibilities
Check out the list of topics described under the Workshops & resources link, to see some of the topics, tools and approaches that can be incorporated into individual sessions.
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