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Mindful Learning Solutions incorporates a broad range of explorations and services focusing on how individuals perceive, process, create, and make sense of... stuff. This ‘stuff’ includes academic work (particularly relating to reasoning, abstraction, and mathematical understanding), professional development (identifying passions, goals, obstacles, and options, and designing personalized strategies for balance and progress), and personal growth (identifying and enhancing individual styles of learning, thinking, doing, being). 

Teaching & Learning
Students: Offering comprehensive learning style and strategy assessment and individual coaching/tutoring for students in public, private, and home-school settings. 
Parents: Offering individual or family sessions to help parents understand and support the student’s individual learning preferences and needs. 
Teachers: Offering private and group consultation and workshops to help teachers recognize and support unique learning styles within a classroom setting. Also offering education and training in effective practices for reaching students who struggle with math. 
Schools: Offering one-time or on-going consultations with students, teachers and administrators who are looking for new and effective ways to engage students in analytical, abstract and creative thinking practices and problem-solving strategies.
Adults: Offering guidance and support for individuals seeking personal and professional growth and development, in ways that honor and enhance their passions and strengths.
Business & Organizations: Offering group workshops to help promote better understanding, cooperation, efficiency, and creativity within the working environment, by helping identify and enhance the unique styles of each individual.

Enrichment, Creativity, Exploration
In addition to helping individuals address particular challenges, Mindful Learning Solutions also offers private sessions and group workshops for ‘extracurricular’ enrichment, aimed at nourishing the natural urge to learn, grow, explore, discover, and play. The Workshops section of this site describes a sampling of the topics available, and includes offerings by local and visiting associates in a wide range of fields. Workshops can be designed for home-school groups, corporate retreats, school assemblies, and other gatherings. Various topics are intermittently offered ‘for fun’ to the general public. (Please send an email if you’d like to be notified of upcoming local workshops). 

Research & Development
Mindful Learning Solutions is engaged in designing and implementing research projects focused on identifying and ameliorating individual differences in cognitive styles and strategies. A variety of printed, audio and visual tools are in development for enhancing specific thinking strategies for general problem-solving. A series of booklets and videos will focus on new ways to present the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of various mathematical topics. Workshops.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0
  Mindful Learning Solutions