Workshops are available in a wide variety of topics and are customized to suit various interests, ages, locations, group sizes, and duration, from hour-long workshops to weekend retreats. Workshops are scheduled as interest arises, so be sure to let me know if you’d like to be kept informed about particular topics.

Profiles in Learning, Thinking, Doing, Being
Utilizing a variety of activities and tools, discover and learn to enhance and balance your natural preferences, habits, and potential for perceiving, processing, creating, and finding your ‘flow.’

Soaring & Sorting: How the brain does it
Learn about hemispheric preferences, sensory integration, gender differences, brain waves, creativity, emotional cognition and more.
Presentation, discussion, hands-on (eyes-on, ears-on) activities.

How Thinking Feels 
Explore the effect of thoughts on emotions and emotions on thoughts  through discussion, visuals and experiential activities. Identify elements of conscious and unconscious perception, reasoning and creativity. Learn about and personalize current research on stress, relaxation, empathy and intentions in problem-solving settings. 

Meaning, Memory & Motivation 
Learn how to find and make sense and order of diverse and seemingly random information, so that you can integrate, 
store and retrieve it in meaningful ways. These generalized thinking tools and techniques are applicable to any subject and purpose.

Multicultural Calculation
By learning about different (non-Western) methods for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, participants not only gain new (easy!) techniques, but also gain insights into how and why numbers work the way they do. Includes: Chinese abacus, Egyptian diagonal, multiplication, French finger methods, Chisenbop, Vedic techniques.

Sacred Geometry (pi, phi, e, etc.)
Discover the relationship between form and function in both natural and human-made shapes and transformations, including the nautilus shell, sunflowers, golden rectangles, pyramids, growth and decay.
No mathematical experience or confidence necessary.

Sound, Shape, and Movement
Discover the shape of sounds and the sound of shapes through presentations and hands-on explorations of vibrations, frequencies, polyrhythms, ratios, etc. Workshop includes demonstration of wax cylinder recordings of your own voice, among many other activities. 

Paper Folding Geometry
Hands-on, experiential (rather than analytical/mathematical) exploration of ratios, angles, proportions, symmetry, topology. etc. For curious adults, homeschool students, and anyone who wants
to see and feel geometry, rather than just memorize formulas. 

Quantum Mechanics for Travelers
For those who don’t plan to learn the language (math and science) 
or stay too long (in the conceptual world of subatomic particles), 
this workshop will provide a non-technical glimpse into the basic concepts of relativity, string theory, and multiple dimensions.

Rhythm from the Inside Out and Outside In
Learn about tone, time, intention, intuition, pulse, and polyrhythm, through a mixture of doing and thinking, feeling and analyzing, drumming and talking. No experience needed. Instruments provided.

Math for for the Curious and Confused
No homework, no tests, no such thing as a dumb question.
Just a relaxed, open-ended opportunity for the unserved masses 
to make sense of mathematical ideas and ‘tricks’ through 
painless exploration, discussion, and experimentation. Topics 
chosen by participants. Anything goes: from fractions to fractals.
Just a sampling. 
More to come 
in the future. 

Visual Vibrations
Musical Sensitivity Test
Archive of Animal Sounds
Whale Sounds Made Visual
Instrument Innovations

Photos in Space
Images of Neurons

Foods & Moods
Rewiring the Brain
Educating Dick & Jane
Visual Phenomena & Illusions

Harvard’s Project Implicit
Kiersey Temperament Sorter

Free MIT Courses
How Stuff Works
Expert Village
Ask a Scientist
TED Talks
Colleges that Change Lives

Brain Gyms
Happy Neuron
Brain Age (Nintendo)

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Paper Folding Project
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